Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Lately, my frenz, ramai yg ad probs..
ngan kekasih hati, feelings, life n study..
and i tried to solves it by giving an advice and else..
and i hope they will get the best in their life..

me? i dun know..
i seems to look so happy, laughing everytime, but inside?
i dun know the feeling inside my heart..
why i've become like this?
it's all about u..
why do i need to bother about ur life or what..
it's ur life, i also have my own life..
i said to u dat, i hope u will be happy until the end..

this hard feeling is so DAMN!
hate this feeling..
i dun have any feeling towards u anymore..
then, why i seems to be bother with dat picture?

OMG! stop it Nisaa..
u have ur own life.. u have ur own love..
let he, be happy with the girl he choose..
and me? i'm happy with my boy..

so? cheer up nisaa..
u know ur own heart.. plisz..
juz focus on what u've got rite now..

i AM happy.. i AM sad.. NO! I AM HAPPY..
dats it..
i'm happy actually..
dun worry..

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