Saturday, October 13, 2012

Active .

I iz going to be actively back in Blogging, yeah! :D

Why? No other reason.

Just feeling-thinking wanna writing back as i didn't have much work to do right at this time lah kan. Haha.
So, why not i spend some time to visit and yeah, write all craps like i did before even i don't have many readers like uolls. XD
DO I CARE? Pfft.

Lately been thinking much. Don't know if i can express it by writing inside this not-so-secure-blog.
Maybe yes, maybe no. It depends then.

What will i do in this mean time is, i will write based on what my mind drives me to. Just wait and see read lah.

Tapi tak lah hari-hari boleh update as kerja pun kejap ade kejap takde, tapi yang penting sekarang tiada kerja yang membebankan lagi. Nisaa, you wait lah until you feel like you don't have time to eat and sleep konon-action-lah-kan. XD

Oh, i've changed my header to a simple one. Haha.
Sangat kekok bile dah nak dekat 3 bulan lebih tak bukak potosop and dah lame gile tak pakai my-hearted wacom. XD

Okayh, till then.