Friday, May 31, 2013

War of Cry and Why

Lately, what i've been heard is only the bad news.

And i really can't stand on my feet and feel messy right now.

Dont know what to think, what to do.

Why is this happening? Why to me? I really had my own plan, but why in the end it became like this?

Why don't it be like what i plan? Whyyy?

There are so many WHY in my head. I'm totally lost.

Yeah,  feel lost, weak and sadden. I am not happy at all but i tried to.

Everynight i'm crying, my head really hurt so much and that's why i need to take Panadol before sleep.

This is really killing me right now.

I don't know to whom should i story all this things.

And i am NOT ME right now. Seriously.

BUT then, i know, this is Allah's plan.

And i know His plan is the Greatest.

Who am i to questioned what had He plan for me.

I should actually accept all this things with an open heart.

And thinks that He actually tested me, us, because He loved us.

There are some things that i can't really people what my problem is.

But then there are several people i'd like to share with.

And accept their opinions really made me happy because i know they care about me.

What i need from you guys is, Do pray for us, and we will do the same to you guys.

Crying all the times means you didn't accept all the things happen to you.

But to cry a little bit can be accepted right?

He made this tears, He made this feel, why don't we expressed it.

But you need to know the limit on how of express all sort of things.
Be strong, Amu. Redha is the key for you to keep holding. :')

InsyaAllah, Amin.

The me,


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