Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hari bahagia kak cik dan Ude selamat sudah majlis nya dah na dekat sebulan jugak la. Yang aku masih lagi nak buat post jugak pasal nie. Tapi, tak kan banyak tulis la, yang akan ade banyak gambar je la. Aku malas nak recall balik things happened that day. It's enough for me to just remember it in my otak. Next post will reveal the picture itself.

The situations right now didn't even let me to rest my brain and my body. I'm not on the right track of myself. This is not me. I  had a work, which is a nurse! Haha. Been able to take care of my opah n
showed face in front of atuk, makes me feel relieved. At least i had done something that won't make me feel regret. I just hoping everyday both of them will became healthier. Seeing them sicks, already makes me suffer and saddened. Be strong opah and tuk, for your next-next-next generation. Haha. InsyaAllah. :')

Blogs been private just to edit some not important things pon. Over je nyah. Haha. *macam banyak sangat pemollow kau doe* #tamparcepat.



*Thinking on creating new initials*

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