Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hello, minna.. Hee~
Rini /me juz kemas my bilik n kemas ruang tamu..
Ta bsh bj sbb bj sket jew..
*Yela dok betige jew kn.. =P

Well, i've some picture about VF.. *i printscreen their keadaan tyme they sleep..
Hee~ So cute bcoz i have 5 family n u knoe, some family becomes big family..
I'm gonna show u da pictures and the Family.. The picture i've took is when they are sleep, it is bcoz it looks kemas (klu ta, sowang kemane, yg len plak kemane), so the best pic is sleeping.. =)
*For the info abt who is dat person or else, please refer to my previous post.. Tq..

Family 1(NISAA)
Fasha(39), Fahrin(38), Faris(12)
They've got another 3 members which is, Faizal & Faizul(7) and Fifin(2).. =)
This is the picture of the family..

Family 2(K.OON)
Liyana(36), Aizat(34), Aina & Aini(12)..
They've got another 1 member, Ainul(8).. =)
This is the picture of the family..

Family 3(ME)
Shah(39), Elly(41), Dania & Damia(12), Adam(10)..
They've got another 3 members, which is, Dalia(8), Azam & Azim(2)..
*This family is the biggest family among others.. I Liikee~~ =)
This is their picture.. *No vacancy for next person (katenyew).. ahaha~

Linda(37), Naim(37)..
Both of them then get 3 children who, Shila & Shira(8), Shida(2)..
This is the picture of the family..

Family 5 (ABP)
Adira(37), Alif(38)..
They then got a twin which is, Areena & Areesa(8)..
This is the picture of the family..

That's all for now.. Hee~ =P

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