Monday, April 5, 2010


Ak skang banyak mase kosong..
Da ta tlg mak sbb sukan da abes..
Tp ak rindu ngan bdk2 tue.. Tgk la kalau rajen ak p la tadika tue.. =)
Pasni ak dok umh, kemas umah, basuh baju, sidai baju, masak, tgk tv, men tenet n msh byk mse kosong i guess..
So, Ak ad sesuatu tuk ak isi mase lapang..
What's that?

I'm playing games.. this games is not like the others game that i've played before..
This game's name is Virtual Families(VF).. *before this i hve played Virtual Villages, tp ta se best VF nie.. =)
Well, I dun knoe whether u have played this game or not..
Fyi (who doesn't knoe this game), this game is a family game, where you create 1 people, up to u, u wat a female or male..
Then, he/she will take care of that house for a while since she/he is single..
One day, u will get an email which telling u that some1 want to marry he/she..
So, U need to decide whether u want to accept dat marriage proposal or reject it..
If u marry him/him/her, the next person will come until u accept their proposal..
*but, dun worry, he/she WILL be married.. dun worried abt being andartu or vice versa.. ahaha~ =P

This game is really interesting.. And funny.. Ahaha~
U need to make them, making a child.. and they will trying to get a baby, and after that, if success, they will get a baby at that time..
It's not like us who need to wait until 9 month to get a baby. Well, it is a GAME, rite.. =)
And the children will grow up in one day.. They can walk, run, and doing things like, yeah, what children always do..

For this time, i have create 5 family..

Family 1 (i put under NISAA name)
I create - Fasha, 31
She then married to - Fahrin, 30 (who propose her)
And have a baby - Faris, 5
*i try to make them have another child but, they said, it is not the right time to have a baby.. ahaha~ =P

Family 2 (K.OON)
I create - Liyana, 29
She then married to - Aizat, 27 (who propose her)
And have a baby which is twin - Aina and Aini, 5
*i try to make them have another child and it succeed..
They get another baby but, i dun noe whether that baby is he or she..(not twin la)
.. ahaha~ =P

Family 3 (ME)
I create - Shah, 32
He then married to - Elly, 34 (marriage proposal)
And have a baby which is also twin - Dania and Damia, 5
1 day, they got an email which ask them whether they want to adopted a child or not.. I choose yes, and then there came a boy..
And I named that boy - Adam, 3..
*i also try to make them have another child and it works..
They get another baby (not twin la)
.. =P

Family 4 (LUPIKIRLASENDIRI *knp nme nie? Ntah.. ahaha~ =P)
I create - Linda, 30
She then married to - Naim, 30 also
*They just got a baby, which is twin..
Tomorrow i will knoe their sex (bcoz, tomorrow they will automatically become a-5-years-old kids)
.. =P

Family 5 (ABP *bcoz i create this family tyme i watched ABPBH.. funny rite?)
I create - Adira, 30 (bcoz i like adira in af8)
She married to - Alif, 31 (i also like alif in af8)
*They also just got a baby twin..
We'll see tomorrow what's their sex
.. =)

That's all the information about a families that i've created..
I will play this game until they will be a very BIG family.. =)
So, that's all for today..

Sayonara, minna.. =P


asma said...

u pon jd mcm i! kemas baju..lipat baju...basuh baju

Niessaa said...

well, well, na bt cmne kn..
da nme pn pompuan, asma..
tp, i ta lipat bj sbb mmg ta ske wat keje tue.. yg len boley la.. hee~