Friday, April 16, 2010


Result, Result And Result..
Well, and well and well..
Ta expect plak result kuar rini.. sbb people keep on telling tomorrow is da day.. but, pg td, they said that, they've got an emel said u can checked ur result on 11.oo pm..
i was like, waahh... result da na kuar.. takkooooooottt~..

Well, it was becoz last sem, i've got a bad result.. yeah.. really.. dats y i feel very nervous, afraid and everything.. but, this sem, i've my target and i da buat sebaik yang boleh.. and like always, i've already benazar la kn.. =P

So, blek dr pasar jmaat td, ad kwn msj, told that result da kuar.. i was, OMG, seriously? tp dat tyme, hujan lebat n guruh, i was like, pfuuuhhh~ ta payah cek lg..
bg hati tenang dl and whatdasoever.. mkn2 la dl ngan family, yela, br blek pasar kn.. =)

Then, ak mandi n then open my laptop, streamyx bagai.. n start open Mozilla Firefox.. bukak la website uniten dgn hati yg dup dap dup dap.. Open my acc, there is.. RESULTS.. Click!

Alhamdulillah.. Syukur sangat2 pada ALLAH S.W.T.. result lebih baek dr sem lepas.. Atas usaha ak, inilah result ak.. Good Job Nisaa.. Eventhough my result is not the best among them, ak tetap bersyukur sbb inilah USAHA ak.. takat tue jew la kemampuan ak.. Alhamdulillah, Syukur Ya ALLAH.. =)

So, Thanx Puan Nazrita(CA) *i like maya act, i'll do better in maya nex tyme.., Thanx Puan Rozita(DB) *u're the best lecturer, i like u.., Thanx Puan Faridah Hani(SE) *ur way of teaching and dat quiz helped me a lot.., Thanx Sir Amna(CO) *i didn't expect that reslut, seyesly.. and Thanx Sir Shahrul *vr is interesting act..
Semoga ALLAH merahmati kamoo sume.. =)

Well then, that's all for today.. Na tau result sy? Hee~ Tapayah la.. ta sebagus kamoo owg.. I'll do better next tyme, pray for me, okie.. =)

Sayonara, minna.. =P


SyaFiQa raHim said...

congratz nissa! :) no worry chances still ade kat mane2. :)

asma said...

well done babe ;)

Niessaa said...

iqa - thanx, iqa.. hee~

asma - hehe.. u too.. thanx..

pika baik said...

result ko brape???jgn la malu2 nk bgtauw aku..ahhahhahhaha

Niessaa said...

pika baik - malu la weh.. hee~ tp alhamdulillah, bagus dr sem lepas.. hee~ ko bapew? meh2 cite cni.. =)

Anonymous said...

Bravo, magnificent idea and is duly