Friday, December 9, 2011

Deep inside my heart I


Means i had to accept that i left Kuala Kangsar for good. Well then, Hello Teluk Intan. Please be nice to us. Haha!

Adapting new life here. Eventhough it seems awkward here, but i NEED to adapt to it. People may not know what is happening with my own life, my family. I may look freely, not seriously looking for a job, just relaxing. But inside my heart? I eagerly wants a JOB, own MONEY..

Why i need a job? I need to take care of everything, giving pocket money to my parent and siblings, going for a vacation with besties, having my own car so that my dad will trust her 22nd daughter driving her own car. Or maybe it is me who's not ready driving that Lina? Don't know.. --"

Life seems getting harder and harder. I did not expect me to get a job in this mean time. I just.... need some other time to get my confident back after all this happen.. Tired of everything.. Just accept all of the things.. :')

Only 21 days left in this 2011 years.. Time flew very fast, isn't? Hoping next year I will get a good life, good health, good happiness with my own family here..

This post is not about Kepindahan.. There's actually story behind that kepindahan.. I'll story later with pictures.. Right now, need to finish tidy up the house.. Looks messy right now in my own room.. Haha.. Better finish it quickly. Or else, i cannot sleep in my own room.. XD




N said...

talking bout job... aku pon takde hati nk bekerja lg buat masa sekarang though mmg nk sngat duit sendiri tp.. tuh r.

telok intan ni pindah teros la ni?

Niessaa said...

kan? huhu~ pasrah je la end of this year nie.. tade rezeki lagi..
kau at least ad la pegi pep tu.. ak langsung tarak.. haha..
may nex year me get a job.. pfft~

yup! pindah teros.. :))

Ahmad Raimi said...