Sunday, December 25, 2011

YS Photo!

I just loveeeee this things so much! Eventhough, we spent very much to it (dad's money + mine oso), but the outcome made me smileeee everytime i saw it. Teheee~

First time i saw this packet, i smileee!

When i opened it, i smileee more and more and moreeee!
I attached the picture with the frame that i got when i took the picture at admin, Uniten on my convocation day. :D

So, this is the outcome. *My laptop cannot detected photo CD, so i just upload the picture that i took using handphone*

*My solo picture! :D*

*With family picture! Happy family~*

Next year, there will be two people who's gonna graduate, and i can't wait to see them wearing their U robe and mortar! My lovely sista, do study well yah, let us make our parents proud of us.. :D



cahayataqwa said...

wah...gambar konvo!!!!
hepi family....i like2...
osem gler gambar ko ...^__^

SyaFiQa RahiM said...

hehehe comelnya. :)
gambar family tu cantik! ramai pulak tu. nampak happy je :D

Niessaa said...

ninis : hehe.. happy family kaaann..
sayang kot gamba nie.. :)

iqa : hehe.. ramai kot smp kne tambah kos..
nampak happy padahal penat gilee tgg giliran tyme ni..
ramai tol.. nseb bek outcome die santek.. :)

Ahmad Raimi said...

gmbar aku grad kat mph pun x ambik lg..haih..xde masa lol :p

Niessaa said...

remy : erk? seyes? haha.. ape daa.. kenangan nie.. :)